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You are the best storyteller

We help you tell the story of your brand in an inspiring curious way. Lets get hooked about details, collegues insights, your journey.

Often the best corporate films use their brand as a subtile backgound telling a real persons story, or even more dramatic telling the brandstory of whats in it for the planet earth.

For me as a storyteller curiosity and the persons behinde the brand

are the most important factor in creating realations via social media.

And a bit of witty humour - did i say that all of this is presented in scandinavian english!



rule No: 1


rule No: 2






The word orginates from

 Araramenic  800 B.C 

meaning my words are clay

or i am what i create

formula for vizards




אברא כאד אברא



     Actor, Storyteller.

founder Abrakadabra





1. Film - Apple

Apple are quite good at storytelling

in the urban landscape, high level of emotion, and self fulfillment. 

you are in the center and its fun.

working with words and expressions in a arty minimalistic way. cind of a loveletter to art directors.


2. Film, - Apple

working with light transistion - night and day. sounds and movments. this can also be you

a boring day in your own bubble and then something happends...

3. Film - Brandon Lee

Honkong Trams by filmmaker Brandon Lee. a lovesong to his hometown and its Trams. The flow, light transitions, B-roll and just everything. But it takes lots of time and effort for script shoot and editing this masterpice.

4. Film - MIT

Massachusets Institute of Technology bring up a boring subject - history of calculating machines, but  with good storytelling and shooting

in different angels one gets curios.

5.Film - Adidas

what color is.

when the brand becomes iconic there is no no need for introduction.

minimalistic, arty relaxed, and one of few that work whit sharp contrast.



1. Film - artist

Architects Frank Gehry love the stage and passionate about his work and art. A realaxed meeting.

2. Film - public

IKEA are known to think twice before opening their purse. Filme done in smaller scale budget.

Combining on site event and corporate film for longer term use - smart. Explaninging smart space soluntions on site and interviewing the future custumer.

3. Film - b2b client

smart and simple customer interview whit the tenant. Close up shoots and presence.

4. Film - CEO/Board member

Bloomberg building a site on central historical ground in London.

demads for Storytelling on a delicate subject. Time 02:10 in to the film. smart and simple film.



1 and 2. Film - Ford

Using the brand in a sublime way to tell a persons love to art and music.

Building a comunity we care. CSR.

3. Film - Skanska

theme: "We don't inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children"

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